Our experience has allowed us to create the highest quality Centerlock Kit V1 for OZ racing Superleggera. We have created our anodized aluminum kit to withstand all conditions. The material we use for production is corrosion-resistant, and the additional transparent Teflon coating is scratch-resistant.


  • The aluminum alloy PA6 used in Centerlock is stronger and lighter than those commonly used in automotive parts.

  • We've given our Centerlock Kits for OZ racing Superleggera a distinctive and expressive design so that you can stand out from the crowd

  • Thanks to a series of tests, our product is ideally suited for aluminum rims.


56mm/2.20in Center caps can be fitted in these hex nuts (without spring). 


Center Caps are not included.


Are you looking for a ready-made solution for your car wheels? Our complete Centerlock Kit V1 will give you a spectacular effect and a perfect fit. It is available in three colors. Save time and energy with our very easy-to-install Centerlock Kit.


*This item is manufactuered not by OZ Racing

Centerlock Kit V1 for OZ racing Superleggera

359,00 €Price
Nut color
Plate color
Wheel Size

Price for one Kit (4pcs) 


  • 4x aluminum anodized Centerlock Nut V1
  • 4x aluminum anodized Plate
  • 4x threaded adapter
  • set of mounting screws
Centerlock Tool

Centerlock Tool

29,00 €Price

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