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Terms and conditions of purchases shall be in place from 10.06.2021

1. Mg-line  conducts retail sale by electronic means through the internet network. Orders are received through internet website available in the domain (

2. Customers may avail of the website of Mg-line company by registering and creating through this an account in which data and information on a given Customer are stored, concerning his or her actions within the company domain (further referred to as: “Account”). Provision of services under Account on the internet website is of perpetual nature. Client is entitled to terminate the agreement concluded with Mg-line concerning the Account at each time through notification of the store via mail regarding agreement termination. The above does not refer to the situations in which Mg-line is in the course of realization of an order submitted by a Customer. In such a case, the effect of termination of agreement shall occur upon realization of the order in question.

3. In order to conduct registration of Account setup in Mg-line, one must fill out the registration form through indicating the following data: email address and password. Message indicating the manner of confirmation of registration as well as other required by law information will be sent to the email address of a Customer placed in the registration form. Upon confirmation of registration an agreement is concluded concerning managing an Account between Customer and Mg-line the subject of which are services provided by Mg-line according to the conditions specified within the Terms and Conditions.

4. In the event of a legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, all actions of the given entity in Mg-line, may be conducted exclusively by a person entitled to conduct all actions on behalf of this entity, related to the use of Mg-line and to execute all rights and obligations for that entity as a Customer.

5. All products available in Mg-line are factory new, free of physical and legal defects and have been legally introduced onto the Polish market.

6. Any ordered product is delivered by means of specialized postal operators (courier companies). Customer bears the costs of delivery specified in the Transport Pricelist indicated in Mg-line in Delivery costs tab.

7. The Agreement concluded between the Customer and Mg-line, concerning the purchase of a given product at Mg-line is of timely nature and lasts for a period of order realization. The place of provision of service related to the purchase of Mg-line products is the address of delivery indicated by the Customer.

8. In a situation where large discrepancies in the time or realization or method of packaging and the delivery of individual products comprising a single order submitted to Mg-line, Mg-line may decide at its discretion to divide the order into smaller parcels. In such a case, the overall cost of delivery indicated to the Customer post submission of order shall not be amended but it shall be divided into individual partial parcels. In the event of cancellation of part of an order, solely the cost of delivery which have been assigned to the non-delivered or rejected part of order, shall be subject to correction. Right of withdrawal from agreement shall be valid solely in the event of sending back the obtained VAT invoice.

9. The Customer is obliged to make the payment of the price for the product ordered at Mg-line, including the cost of delivery, no later than within 2 days from the day of agreement conclusion, provided that the payment does not occur upon receipt.  The following forms of payment are acceptable:
-Upon receipt-payment in cash to courier upon receipt of package. In some cases, Mg-line reserves the right to additional telephone verification of this type of orders.
-Via Transfer-form of payment for customers who prefer logging to the online banking system on their own or paying a visit to the bank branch. Post submission of an order, Customer obtains, via electronic means (email) bank account number to which the appropriate amount may be made. Upon recording of the payment on Mg-line bank account, the order is submitted for realization.

10. In case of some types of assortment available at Mg-line, Mg-line reserves the right to limit the method of payment through non-accessibility of certain payment and delivery options.

11. Delivery term for products amounts to no more than 14 days for the countries of the European Union and the delivery time is no more than 40 days for countries outside the European Union from the day of agreement conclusion. Term of shipment receipt constitutes in each case the time necessary for compiling the order increased by delivery time.

12. Products may be equipped in manufacturer's, importer's or seller's warranty, binding within the territory of Poland. Warranty period for each product is enclosed within its description on Mg-line pages. 

13. Mg-line is responsible for defects of product on the basis of the binding provisions of law. In case of sale which is not a customer sale, warranty provisions included in the Civil Code shall be excluded.

14. Complaints on account of warranty may be submitted in electronic form, by means of email address (, or in a written form to the Mg-line address indicated on the website, at the cost of the Customer.

15. All products in Mg-line webshop ( can not be used in public roads.

16. Customer is entitled to demand a price decrease or withdrawal from agreement, unless Mg-line replaces the faulty product with a product that is free of defects or removes the defect immediately and without excessive inconveniences towards the Customer. This limitation does not apply if a product was already replaced or repaired by Mg-line or in case Mg-line did not replace the product with one free of any defects, nor was such a defect removed.

17. Mg-line will commence complaint process on account of warranty within 14 days from the date of its receipt in the correct form. In the event, when Mg-line does not reply to the Customer's demand within 14 days, it should be deemed as acceptance of demand as justifiable.
In each of the above cases, when realization of demands of the Customer corresponds to a delivery of new or repaired product, the delivery costs shall be borne by Mg-line. In order to return the purchased product the Customer should enter on the shipping list, in the field “value declared” (or its equivalent), the price of purchase of the returned product. This amount constitutes a declaration of insurance value.

18. According to the provisions of law in place, within 14 days from receipt of the ordered product, the Consumer is entitled to return, without indicating causes, subject to products and services not being excluded from return procedure, from the purchase of which, in line with the provisions of law, he or she may not withdraw. Principles of withdrawal from agreement, of which the Customer may avail, as well as cases in which right to withdraw from agreement does not apply, are specified in the instruction, constituting Appendix no. 2 to the Terms and Conditions. The provisions of the hereby article are applied respectively to withdrawal from agreement concerning an Account.


19. Consequences of withdrawal from the contract:

1) In the event of withdrawal from a distance contract, the contract is considered void.
2) The Seller shall immediately, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal, return to the Consumer all payments made by him, including the costs of delivering the Goods to the Consumer (except for additional costs resulting from the method of delivery chosen by the Consumer other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Seller). The Seller will refund the payment using the same method of payment as used by the Consumer when paying for the Goods, unless the Consumer expressly agrees to a different method of return. The consumer does not bear the costs related to the reimbursement of the payment.
3) The Seller may withhold the reimbursement until receipt of the Goods or delivery by the Consumer of proof of returning the Goods to the Seller - depending on which event occurs first.
4) In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Consumer is obliged to immediately return the Goods to the Seller, but not later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which he informed the Seller about the exercise of the right to withdraw from the contract. To meet the deadline, it is enough to return the Goods before the deadline.
5) The consumer bears only the direct costs of returning the Goods.


20. The consumer is liable to the seller for reducing the value of the item due to its inappropriate use. He has the right to examine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods in a way that he could do in a stationary store. However, he cannot use things unlimitedly. If he does, the entrepreneur has the right to charge him with additional costs due to the reduction in the value of the goods.


21. Information placed on internet websites of Mg-line store do not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code. The Client, while submitting an order by means of mechanisms available on internet websites of Mg-line store, submits an offer of purchase of a specific product according to conditions indicated in the product description.


22. Personal data indicated by Customers are gathered and processed by Mg-line in accordance with the binding provisions of law and in line with the Privacy Policy contained within Appendix no. 1 to the Terms and Conditions. Customer who conducts purchase at Mg-line grants consent to the processing of email address for the purpose of sending a questionnaire which enables expressing an opinion on the conducted with Mg-line transaction. Email address will be processed by Mg-line and data obtained as a result of the questionnaire will be aimed at publishing the opinion about Mg-line on the Internet.


23. Mg-line may amend the Terms and Conditions and launch a new version of provided by Mg-line services.  Such amendment shall be effective within the term indicated by Mg-line which cannot be shorter than 7 days from the moment of disclosure of Mg-line amended Terms and Conditions, subject to the orders commenced before the entry into force of the amendments being conducted according to the previous rules.


24. Customer, upon initial logging into Mg-line, counting from the moment of entry into force of any changes, will be informed of such changes and the possibility of their acceptance. Refusal to accept the changes shall constitute termination of agreement with Mg-line.


25. For all uncovered matters, the adequate provisions of the Polish Law shall apply.


26. Any disputes related to the services provided by Mg-line, under Mg-line, shall be resolved by general courts. The Client who is a consumer is entitled to avail of extrajudicial manner of complaint processing and pursuing claims before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court by the Voivodeship Inspectorate of Trade Inspection in Warsaw. Information regarding the manner of access to the above noted mode and procedures of settling disputes may be found under the following address:, in the tab „Rozstrzyganie sporów konsumenckich” (Eng. “Settlement of Consumer Disputes”).



Privacy Policy

1. Mg-line pays special attention to the protection of privacy of its Customers. Mg-line, with due diligence, selects and applies adequate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure protection of the processed data, including protections of development nature (among others, systems of data encryption). In particular, Mg-line secures data against disclosure by unauthorized persons, as well as against their processing in breach of the binding provisions of law. Mg-line maintains constant control over the data processing process and limits access to data in the largest possible degree, by granting appropriate authorizations solely when it is necessary for the correct provision of services by means of internet website.
2. Data base administrator of personal data submitted by Customers with regards to purchases made at Mg-line is:
a. Mg-line - in case of purchase of products offered by Mg-line; 
3. In the event specified in clause 2 above, Mg-line discloses to Store, pursuant to a separate consent of Mg-line Customers, who purchased products offered by the Store, their personal data necessary for the conduct of agreement concluded in relation to the product purchase.
4. Basis for personal data processing is the consent of the Customers themselves, as well as statutory authorization to process data necessary for purposes related to Mg-line and Store activity in the scope of Mg-line, including for the purpose of conclusion, realization and settlement of sales agreements under Mg-line (servicing the transactions of product sale), as well as for purposes of their archiving.
5. Indication of any personal data by the Customer is voluntary. Indication of data specified in clause 3 of the Terms and Conditions is necessary for purposes specified in Clause 2.
6. Customers may browse through Mg-line and the offers placed therein concerning goods, without prior Registration and indication of personal data.
7. Data submitted by Customers during Registration are used for accounting purposes, for contacts with Customer, for account servicing in Mg-line and for other activities related to conclusion or execution of sales agreements. Such data may furthermore be used for verification whether a person registering fulfils legal provisions and conditions required by the Terms and Conditions. Contact data, with an agreement of a Customer, are also used for passing the information by Mg-line onto Customer, regarding the store and the services it provides. Customer may at any time unsubscribe from obtaining such information.
8. Customer data may be made available to entities authorized to their obtaining pursuant to the provisions of law in place, including proper organs of the justice system. Personal data of Customers may be passed onto the third parties in cases indicated by Mg-line and the Store and upon consent of the Customers.
9. In the event of Mg-line or Store acknowledging the fact of the use by Customer of Mg-line which is non-compliant with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or the provisions of law, Mg-line or Store may process personal data of such Customer in the scope necessary to establish his responsibility, provided that the fact of obtaining and the contents of such messages are recorded for evidence purposes.
10. Mg-line and the Store ensure realization of authorizations of Clients stemming from the Act on Personal Data Protection, including access right to the contents of one's own personal data and their amending as well as the right to control the processing of own personal data according to the principles described in the above stated act. Under execution of the right of control processing of one's own personal data, Customers may in particular have the right to submit-in cases specified in the act on personal data protection-a written, substantiated request of discontinuation of personal data processing due to his or her specific circumstances, as well as submit objection to the processing of their data, when Mg-line or Store intend to process them for marketing purposes or upon handing over by Mg-line or Store of personal data to other than Mg-line or Store data administrator.
11. Mg-line and Store will ensure that Customers have the possibility to browse through and modify their personal data. Mg-line and Store shall ensure that Customers have the possibility to delete personal data from the data base in the event of withdrawing from agreement, specified in art. 16 of the Terms and Conditions, as well as in other cases provided that it stems from the binding provisions of law. Mg-line or Store may refuse to remove data of Customer solely in cases indicated by the provisions of law, in particular when such Customer did not settle all amounts due to Mg-line or Store or when Mg-line or Store obtain and record an information, that  a given Customer, through their so far behaviour in Mg-line breached the Terms and Conditions or the binding provisions of law, and preserving such data is obligatory for clarification of such circumstances and establishing the responsibility of such Customer.
12. Furthermore, Mg-line, occasionally and pursuant to a separate consent of the Customer, submits the questionnaires targeted at testing Customers’ preferences and adjusting Mg-line offer to their expectations, including ones enabling expressing an opinion about the transaction conducted at the Store. Customer may at each time unsubscribe from obtaining such questionnaires.
13. Mg-line uses IP addresses gathered during internet connections for technical purposes related to server administration. Moreover, IP addresses are designated for general, statistical demographic information gathering (such as about the region from which a connection occurs). Such data are combined with data indicated by Customers and constitute a sole material for statistical analysis and the mechanisms of correcting system errors.
14. Mg-line uses “cookies” files. Information gathered by means of “cookies” allow to adjust the service and the contents to individual needs and preferences of Customers, as well as are used for elaborating general statistics concerning the use by Customers of Mg-line. Switching off within the browser the option which allows for saving the cookies files generally prevents the use of Mg-line, however, it may cause certain impediments.
Orders at Mg-line 
15. Orders with the use of Mg-line may be submitted by Users through the created Account (Registered Users) or without the necessity to set up an Account.
16. Submitting an Order in the Service requires indication of contact details within the order form or confirming that data indicated by the Registered User in his or her Account are data for the delivery of ordered Products. In addition, the User indicates data necessary for the issuance of VAT invoice by Mg-line.
17. Mg-line immediately confirms obtaining of an order by sending to the electronic post address indicated upon order the message with a confirmation of obtaining an offer of purchase by the Customer. Customer obtains an email sent by Mg-line with a status of “expecting”.


In exceptional cases, the employee of Mg-line will confirm via telephone obtaining and acceptance of an order, by contacting the Customer at an indicated previously telephone number.
2.      Conclusion of Sales Agreement with a Customer occurs at the time of obtaining by Mg-line by electronic means the information of a change of status of order for "realization”.
Prior to commencing realization of the order, Mg-line may contact the Customer in order to establish details of the order or explain any ambiguities.
A potential Customer ceases to be bound by his offer expressed in the order in the event when Mg-line: 
1) immediately (that is within 1 Working Day) does not confirm obtaining and accepting the order, 
2)     within 3 Working Days from the day of submission of Order by the Customer does not send the message of commencement of order realization, unless the Customer informs that he consents to a longer offer validity period submitted in the order.
5. Orders at Mg-line may be made 24 hours a day during all week days. Orders submitted on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be handled on the first Working Day thereafter, on which the order was placed. Telephone orders
19. Telephone orders are accepted on the Working Days between 8:00 and 16:00.
20. Adequate provisions of the Terms and Conditions are applicable for the procedure of conclusion of Sales Agreement.
21. Upon receipt from Mg-line to the electronic post address indicated during order of an email message with confirmation of obtaining and acceptance of order, Customer is obliged to send to Mg-line a message reply in which he or she confirms the contents of Sales Agreement proposed by Mg-line. Conclusion of Mg-line Sales Agreement with Customer occurs through sending to the electronic post address indicated in the message reply submitted by the Customer, a message informing of commencement of order realization.
22. Orders made by electronic post
a) Orders made by electronic post may be submitted 24 hours a day in all days a week. Orders submitted on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be handled on the first Working Day thereafter, on which the order was placed.
B) Appropriate provisions of the Terms and Conditions are applied to the procedure of Sales Agreement conclusion, subject to confirmation of Mg-line of commencement of realization of an order occurring via electronic means or via telephone.


Appendix no. 2

Within 14 days from obtaining the shipment one may withdraw from the agreement without indicating the cause for it. If you do so, we will reimburse all payments obtained from you.
In order to return the purchased goods, please inform us of your decision by filling out the Return form for the goods. In case you wish to avail of the right to withdraw from agreement, the returned goods must be sent at your own cost. You may use the template of withdrawal from agreement which may be found below.


Please send the shipment to the following address:
Stobno 24

72-002 Stobno


The right to withdraw from agreement does not encompass agreements:
1. On provision of services if we have performed the service in full upon your clear consent;
2. In which the price of Goods depends on financial market fluctuations, over which we have no control and which may occur prior to expiry of term for withdrawal from agreement;
3. in which the subject of provisions is a non-prefabricated item; produced according to Your specification or designated for your individual needs
4. in which the subject of provisions is an item subject to fast deterioration or with a short period of validity;
5. In which the subject of provision is an item provided in a sealed packaging, which upon opening cannot be returned due to health protection or due to hygienic reasons, if the packaging has been opened post delivery
6. in which the subject of provision are items which post delivery, due to their character, remain inextricably connected to other matters;
7. On provision of digital contents which are not saved on material carrier, if fulfilment of provision commenced upon your explicit consent, prior to expiry of term of withdrawal from agreement.

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