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Point 1 Definitions

Rebate code - an electronic rebate code in the form of an alphanumeric code, authorizing the User to implement it in the online store: run by the Seller, in the form of a percentage discount calculated on the value of the order (excluding shipping costs);

Seller Mg-line, Przeclaw 54a / 4, NIP: 852-249-16-62, Zachodniopomorskie, 72-005 Przeclaw, Poland.

Customer - a person who receives a discount code from the Seller as part of a promotion organized by the Store or an individual agreement with the Seller in exchange for a specific activity, e.g. making purchases for a specific value;

Goods - items offered for sale in all departments of the online store;

Expiry date - the date by which the discount code can be redeemed at and used to purchase goods; Store - Mg-line online store, selling goods included in its offer via the Internet and operating at the Internet address;


Point 2 Conditions

1. The rebate code is made available in the form of an electronic code.

2. The use of the sent rebate code depends on the customer. The customer has the option not to use the rebate code provided, in which case it is enough not to enter the rebate code provided in the cart when shopping in the store.

3. To use the rebate code provided by the Seller, enter the sequence of characters in the "Voucher / rebate code" field when placing an order on the Store's website.

4. Entering the rebate Code in the item 3 field will reduce the value of the ordered goods by the percentage of the rebate code provided to the customer. The rebate code can only be used to purchase goods not covered by other promotions.

5. Discount codes do not add up. Only one Discount Code can be used in an order.

6. The rebate code is valid until October 31, 2020.

7. The rebate code is one-time only.

8. The Seller does not issue the rest of the Discount Codes.


Point 3 Complaints and return of goods.

1. Any complaints regarding defects in goods or their returns when purchasing with the use of the Discount Code will be considered under the general terms and conditions set out in the Regulations available at:

2. In the case of returning the goods, the discount code loses its validity and cannot be used by the customer.

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